Purpose of Association

Purpose of Association

The purpose of the Association is to highlight, spread and protect the art of Shadow Puppetry. For this purpose, our Association aims to cultivate the professional conscience, solidarity and friendly rivalry among members, the respect for art and its history through its faultless presentation, respect for the public and especially pre-school and school-age spectators. In order to ensure the above it prevents and condemns in every legal way the injury to art and its history by anybody.

A concern of the Association is the foundation and operation of a Shadow Puppetry School, considered necessary for the continuation of tradition through the education of new Karagiozis Players, as well as the conduct of educational seminars on the professional direction and training of young persons interested in the art of Karagiozis in cooperation with State bodies.

It also aims at the foundation and operation of a library and a Museum through which the folkloristic material from older and younger Karagiozis Players will be highlighted.

It always seeks the participation of Karagiozis in all folkloristic, tourist events organized by the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Tourism in Greece and abroad, and its participation in the Cultural Programs of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs for the primary and secondary education.

Finally, it works to bring together and mobilize all Karagiozis’ friends and those who have contributed until today but also those wishing to contribute to the effort to save and disseminate the popular art of the Shadow Puppetry.

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